Siberian Virgin on New Year’s Eve/Day

It had been a long week. My final Saturday had seen this filthy, horny, hungover mess of a man leave the apartment I shared with my wing and head out to hit the bricks as he laid there in bed. The day was overcast, chilly and wet. I headed over to the river and strolled around near the viewing steps. I had seen a girl on the phone I was going to open, but her boyfriend turned up. Suddenly, out of the blue,


Was blurted from the maw of one of two 16 year old-ish girls. They had suddenly appeared behind me. We exchanged a couple of sentences and that was it,

BYE”! They blurted

It was near enough at this point that I opened the “Pink Welly Girl” (see lay report).

I made my away along the river and approached a medium-sized shopping centre. I opened 2 girls and Instagram-closed them both. One had the best ass I have seen, while the other said I was too old. Ukranian girls – a nut I can’t crack. Still in tepid Instagram communication with the great ass girl, but I can’t get a meaningful hook.

I walked into the shopping centre for some warmth and a flat white. By now, I was a dishevelled, deep-voiced hungover mess. I had that deep, rasping voice that Torero would often have on his podcasts (but better and deeper than his!) owing to the lack of sleep and piss-ups across the week.

And then I saw the tall, svelte and natural-looking blonde in a glaring orange/pink wooly jumper. I moved into the bookshop and opened her immediately – stacking on her fashion sense. It was a beautiful and high-energy set, full of smiles and jibes from both sides. She as 21, a Siberian and studying and working in Poland. She made it clear she had a boyfriend, but I Instagram-closed all the same.

I felt really good. I had just done three sets (the Ukranian set I felt was nailed on – but has to-date gone no-where) that ultimately ended in 2 lays. But I get ahead of myself.

1 week passed and I received an inbox, beautifully Russian:

How old are you

Old enough to show you a thing or two, little girl” was my reply.

Conversation and shit tests began in earnest. For two weeks the conversation developed and I loved the back and forth. She was an astute, intelligent, witty and beautifully elegant and feminine girl to engage with. I booked another trip (Pink Welly Girl was on) and dates with the Siberian were in the offering.

I landed in Poland and showered and went for food, before meeting the Siberian in a Bar. She was 30 minutes late and saw the Ukranian long-legged curly haired 8 hostess hand her phone back after I Instagram closed her. She looked at me with that mix of contempt, anger and desire. What else am I supposed to do in a bar on my own!

We had a drink and caught up. She was dressed all in black and was long-legged and beautifully elegant and innocent. It was a complete pleasure to be with this girl. We went for 2 more drinks (she didn’t want any more alcohol) before I walked her to the tram. The most I could get were cheek kisses as she playfully rebuffed my advances.

The next day we met for coffee. We sat there gradually immersing ourselves in each other. I loved her innocence and general girly countenance. Her legs were draped over me and my gradual massages across her legs evolved to strokes across her pussy under her skirt. She was hot. She didn’t object. By now I was kissing her fully and her neck was receptive to my touch and lips. After a second coffee she left for work and I did 3 more sets (one of which turned out to be little Married Polish Brunette – see lay report from New Year’s Day).

Saturday afternoon I receive a message from the Siberian:

I am angry you have not asked me out tonight

2 hours later we met we met and walked around the markets for a short-while. We found a small speak-easy and she was by now in my frame. Her whole demeanour had softened; gone was the testy, pointed little remarks designed to provoke a response. Here instead was a girl who outright told me that she was going to miss me. I felt a little taken aback by this. But I reminded myself that girls emotions are continually back and forward and a man cannot be drawn into one subsection of this range. The girl who missed me and liked me today is the girl who prefers a different man tomorrow.

I had earlier that day slept with the Pink Welly Girl and I was absolutely ruined from an all-night house party at a Polish friend’s house. I knew she wanted me to ask her to my apartment. It was fully on. But I was exhausted. It was midnight. I had a flight in just over 6 hours. The timing was wrong and I was in no rush. I walked her to the tram and went home to salvage some sleep.

On my return to England (and on a whim) I decided to return for New Year’s Eve. I had initially organised to see a different Russian girl I met through Daygame in Newcastle and spend New Year’s Eve with her in Amsterdam. But this dropped off (I didn’t bother myself to engage with her shit tests). So the idea of spending New Year’s Eve with a Russian was still alive and well.

The Siberian was excited that I was visiting and when I suggested that I would perhaps come back on New Year’s Eve she was emphatic – she wanted that evening with me. So I booked a good hotel and counted the days. I had a girl travel from Estonia to spend Christmas with me (see Estonian Lay Report) so my Seasonal Break was shaping up to be one amazing Daygame adventure.

New Year’s Eve finally arrived and I left for Newcastle to relax in the lounge with a few drinks and even took my work laptop to make myself feel more productive. I left the lounge with 30 minutes to my flight and walked the20 meters to the departure gate. The plane had only just arrived and the staff informed me that they were probably running ten minutes late. Off I popped to the lounge again for a swift ½ Heineken. I donned by gear and headed back to the departure gate. Only this time I stupidly turned right into Gates 16-30 (my gate was 15). I was locked behind some security doors. The flight was now departing in 10 minutes. Panic ran through me. I grabbed the telephone mounted on the wall and urgently pleaded for them to open to door. I sprinted around the corner towards my gate and was stunned to see absolutely no-one stood at the gate or in the corridor whereas a mere 25 minutes ago the corridor was jammed with people. By now my stomach was churning. I ran toward Gate 15 and pulled on the door. It was closed. I gestured frantically for the attention of the 3 or 4 staff stood at the check-in desk. One of them looked at me and shook his head. Through the windows of the Gate I could see the last of the passengers – literally 3 of them – climbing the boarding ladder. I knocked again on the door and the same member of staff who had shook his head opened the door. I quickly explained that it was my flight and I had to be on it:

I’m sorry sir but you have been taken off the flight as a no-show

I pleased that I could be at the plane in 15 seconds and urged him to let me on. He explained that it wasn’t as straightforward as that. I had been taken off the computer and there was simply nothing I could do. My stomach was doing summersaults. How could I have missed this flight given how well I had prepared; given the plans for the New Year. All sorts of ideas were fizzing through my head: what other airports can I use; money is no issue etc.

To the credit of the staff they picked up the phone and went straight through to the Captain. In that 20 or 20 seconds I walked over to the window and could see the plane a mere 10 meters away on the tarmac. I could almost see the whites of the Captains eyes.

The speakerphone blurted out: “ok send him down immediately

I cannot begin to describe the relief. The Ryan Air staff were fantastic as they put me back on the flight. I boarded the plane with literally 2 minutes to departure. It was the most insane feeling of helplessness and utter joy separated by mere seconds. I boarded the plane beaming. My energy and cortisol levels were through the roof. There was no way I was sleeping on this plane.

I had arranged to meet the Siberian at 8pm but she was 30 minutes late of course. I had a quick glass of wine and espresso and waited for her to arrive. She was dressed in black tights, heels, black dress and coat. She looked great. We spent the evening walking around the square listening to the live music. We went for a more relaxed drink in an underground bar that had a really nice ambient feel. I started teasing her on her recent Instagram pictures where I suggested to her that one of her close friends obviously fancied her given the longing looks they exchanged on their stories. She giggled at the idea and purposefully didn’t deny it. The conversation danced between sex and I asked her what porn she liked. She bowled me over when she reluctantly and somewhat revealingly shared that she liked “rape” porn, where women are taken forcefully by men (more on this later).

It was also at this point that I asked her how old she was when she lost her virginity:

I haven’t lost it, so tonight will be a first for me

That was it. This leggy natural Siberian blonde 21 year old, an absolute token of femininity and cool cheek and shyness – was a virgin.

I smiled and appeared absolutely non-plussed as if this was no-big deal.

I ordered us another round before we made our way outside for the stroke of midnight. It was a brilliant experience as the fireworks and confetti filled the sky. It had been a great evening. By 1am we walked back to my hotel which was situated ten minutes’ walk away from the square. I was on the top floor of the hotel and we stood by my window enjoying the view of the city and the fireworks. Across the evening she had been carrying a gift bag and took this moment to give me my present – an assortment of little gifts and foods which was a lovely touch.

Wait here”, I said, as I ran out of the room.

I returned with the best bottle of Champagne I could get and we opened it and toasted and kissed. She was already very horny and was making clear indications for bed. I resisted this by telling her I wanted to enjoy the moment with her. By this point I had undressed her to her bra and tights and stood behind her at the window. My hands stroking her thighs and making their way to her pussy.

She was soaking.

Before long I was on the bed with her and there was no question she was a virgin. I used my finger and thumb to gradually relax her (I simply could not get my dick inside her in her current virgin state). Several more minutes of this saw her writhing on my bed and I went for the entry. Slowly, inch by inch I was inside her. She was pulling away and obviously found it a little uncomfortable. But after 10 minutes or so we were fucking. I kept it pretty vanilla for her on her first time.

The night continued into the early hours and we eventually fell asleep. Mid-morning saw a repeat and the sex was by now a very different matter. I could enter her a lot easier and she was able to take it harder. She even loved my hands around her neck (see afore mentioned porn vids she likes) before I pulled out and came on her face.

The whole experience from a Daygame stop, boyfriend objection to a couple of return visits culminating in taking the virginity of a 21 year-old Siberian has been nothing short of an incredible experience for me. Sure, she’s a bit of a brat and still doles-out the bratty shit-tests and princess-me attitude when we speak in Instagram, but in person she is very different. I have been purposefully rationing my attention and I think this genuinely pisses her off because she regularly implies that I’m a narcissist or some other nonsense insult to provoke a reaction. Not happening darling!

I am back in Poland this week and will hopefully be seeing her.


Polish Pierogi at the Airport: lay Report

Like a dickhead, I totally underestimated the traffic for my 30 minute journey to Wroclaw airport. Arriving 35 minutes before departure, I eyed the queue at security and swore under my breath. There was no way I making it through there in 20 minutes. I turned to the Fast Track line and saw 5 people. I approached the girl on the security desk and she picked up on the gravitas – she instantly placed me at the front of line. Moments later (minus the 200ml coffee syrup removed by security that the Russian [ex] virgin had bought me, I was at my gate. Starving and needing coffee, I asked the Ryan Air staff how long I had, “Ten minutes…no more”. I grabbed a cheese sandwich and a flat white and re-joined the line. This was when I saw her. A small girl, maybe 5”3/4, in a grey coat. She had dark brown hair and a cute face with eyes that somehow suggested she was Ukrainian.

Not bad, I thought to myself. I couldn’t see her body under the jacket, but put her face in a solid 7 category. As we made our way onto the plane (I was deliberately last to board) I hoped that we were seated together. Of course we weren’t, and by the time I had arrived in Newcastle some 2 hours later, I had forgotten about her.

I cleared security at Newcastle and walked along the airport towards the metro station. Just before I purchased my ticket, I decided to turn back to Greggs for a coffee. And lo-and-behold – there she is in Greggs. I purchased my coffee and waited outside for her to order her food and leave.

“Excuse me…I couldn’t help but notice that you had copied off me [we were both wearing long grey coats]”

She smiled, and I made the assumption stack,

“It’s very unusual to see a Polish girl stocking up on sausage rolls”

She smiled and we entered into conversation for a few minutes. We were both heading back into Newcastle so I suggested we go and take the metro together. I held very strong and purposeful eye contact the whole trip (some 20 minutes or so) and placed my fleetingly her knee as we talked about Poland, the UK and New Year’s Eve. She explained how she had tried out for Emerates airlines (I joked she was too short) and she (I think) dropped a hint she was single as she said the career suited an unmarried woman with no children. As we approached my stop I simply looked at her and said,

“I’d like to see you for coffee. Put your number in here”

She duly obliged and handed my phone back saying,

“I gave you a fake number” with a smile.

She responded well to chat and it wasn’t long before very mild, but evidently sexual innuendo became the topic (e.g. sausage role euphemisms, and her lack of pierogi cooking skills would necessitate very close supervision from me should she ever cook for me

“How close would you stand?” She asked via text.

It felt on. We agreed to meet for coffee on Saturday at Starbucks on the Quayisde. The conversation was good, relaxed and I was attracted to her. By this point, I was yet to see her body and I had a feeling she was slightly over-weight. We moved onto venue 2, a lovely real ale brewery not far from where we lived. I sat on one sofa and she sat next to on the corner of the adjacent sofa. I gradually began to flirt more with her. By now she had removed her coat and I pleasantly surprised by what appeared to be a nice curvy ass and a big handful of tits. My kino developed to leg touches (she is a snowboarder) and her thighs were hard and tight. About 45 minutes in, another couple joined her on her sofa so I told her to come sit next to me. A few moments later my arm was slowly draped around her shoulder and I was a mere 6 inches from her face.

“You are very confident and presumptuous” she said with a smile.

I ignored her and continued to talk as I played with her hair and shifted it away from her face. My hand ran down her face onto her neck and her eyes glazed over. I leant in and kissed her neck once, then her ear and told her that I liked her eyes.

She was now mine. Her frame had completely relaxed. Over one more drink the kisses developed. I never went for a full kiss. Just her neck – and this turned her on hugely. One thing I always do now is ask girls to give me a hand massage. If you have ‘Mans’ Hands’ (e.g. gym callous, vascular etc) it’s a good way to display masculinity. Women always play idly with them as they massage and rub the thumb muscle.

At this point we were utterly relaxed. I liked this girl. I fancied her. I was happy to date 2 it. We left the bar and walked to my car. I moved close to her to kiss her properly and and she was instantly on me. Gyrating her pussy into me as we kissed deeply. This was on. I broke the tension by saying we were getting food and cooking at mine. No objections. We gathered the ingredients for a Greek Salad and marinated chicken. 30 minutes later I was pouring us a gin and tonic and she was washing and chopping vegetables. I would from time to time deeply kiss her and at one point I placed my hand down her jeans to reveal a smooth, wet pussy.

We ate food and then in the front room sat in the sofa. My dick was hard and I simply took it out of my lounge pants. She wasted no time in bending over and giving me a fantastic blow job. I took her upstairs and stripped her to her bra and panties. I slipped on a condom and got down to work. She was nice and tight and really submissive with the sexiest eyes and a superb tits. She loved really dirty wet kisses and I dripped saliva onto her lips and we kissed deeply – wet and dirty. I fucked her for 15 minutes and came hard. I withdrew expecting to see a nice bloated condom – but no – the thing had split and I had filled her up.

We went for round 2 in the front room. I made her sit there in her bra and pantyhose she had worn under her jeans and before long I was hard and fucking her doggy style over the sofa. I withdrew and straddled her on the floor, wanking over her pretty face as she looked at me with those deep dark eyes. I came in her mouth and all over her lips and she swallowed it all.

She stayed until around 1am – watching the Patriots game with me, before she left in a taxi. We have exchanged a few texts and things are up for this weekend – seeing her again on Saturday – cinema and food at mine. I like this girl – she seems to be good company, is feminine, dirty and attractive.

Big shout out to Greggs Sausage Rolls, boys!

Little Piece of Pierogi

So there I was that late Saturday afternoon, having a slow muse through a small shopping centre. No pressure on myself to approach, just sipping on my flat white as I perused the shops and females – simply waiting for something to spark my interest. Before long I saw a small brunette girl dressed in a smart grey woollen overcoat. I guessed her height was around 5”2 and she was very petite. I noticed her slim and well-shaped calves and I thought, “Body looks decent” so I decided to roll the dice and approach (having yet seen her face). She left the elevator and I moved in front of her and opened her on how I liked her ‘look’. Thankfully she was very cute and instantly gave me a bright, albeit perplexed smile. My vibe was strong and I felt confident as I flashed her a naughty grin. We entered into small-talk and she told me she had an hour to spare before she was booked for some beauty treatments. I suggested a coffee and she was thinking about it – the conflict was real – but she declined. The interaction continued well; she was smiling and laughing, but interestingly, she was shuffling away inches at a time. I pulled her up on it and told her to stand in a shop door-way. She complied. This was a good sign and it instantly codified my sexual intent; we both implicitly felt this.

I asked her for her number but she insisted on taking mine so I input my number into my phone and instantly pinged my whatsapp:

Hi sexy.

“Oh, look who has just messaged me” I joked, as I showed her my whatsapp message. She playfully said I was a bad man. We said goodbye on a strong note and that was that.

Later that evening I was surprised to receive a message from her which evolved into questions after question: who am I, why am I here, what do I do etc. I deflected all of these giving her the odd morsel to satisfy her immediate hunger but enough to keep her frustrated. The messages continued apace over the next week fortnight. Eventually, she admitted that she was married; that her life was good, her husband is good and she has no complaints. But a fire had been lit in her mind:

Why am I so confident, why am I so annoying, why does she even like me.

There was no rational answer to these questions. Our conversations would turn sexual and one occasion, after I had turned her on, she admitted she fucked her husband that night and it was the best sex she’d had in years.

Days would pass and I always received at times barrages of messages from her. She was compelled and on the hook. We agreed to meet on New Year’s Day. Interestingly, the theme was very much implicitly and explicitly agreed that we were about sex. There was no ‘let’s meet for coffee’ type platitudes. She was giving off the Breeding Scent – there was no need to decorate this up. Hence my positioning across this period of texting could be summarised as follows: evasive, controversial, cheeky and frustrating. There were times she would seem a little pissed off with my attitude but this was precisely what she was looking for. If I was to fall-back into nice-guy comfort building I think this would have inversely created a boundary. She seemed very much looking for male attention that provoked feelings in her she hasn’t experienced since her teens in all likelihood.

New Year’s Day – the conversation turned to meeting and I received a whatsapp to say:

I’m in the hotel reception” she was here and it was on.

Tired and exhausted after a long NYE with my Russian Virgin, I felt sexually a little flat. She was wearing a tight dress and I bought us a glass of wine and we sat in the hotel reception bar. I could see up her skirt and remarked that she was a good girl for wearing stockings. My hands reached for her thigh:

Not in public” she said.

We made our way to the lift and as soon as the doors closed, she was on me. Kissing me hard and lustfully. We entered the hotel room and she attempted to exert immediate control; wanting to be on top, undress me, while she remained dressed etc. I peeled her dress off to reveal a lovely little petite body and a lovely handful sized pair or breasts. Her ass was firm and small, and her pussy was beautiful. She moaned and squirmed as my two fingers basically had difficulty entering her – she was that tight. The sex was passionate but a little frustrating; I could sense that she had some misgivings as we fucked, but she would push these away and throw herself into the process once more. She would try and push me off to get on top but I had no part of it. We had sex for easy 30 minutes (and I admit I felt a little difficulty getting aroused given the previous evening and morning as well as alcohol intake). Fucking her in missionary while grabbing her ass cheeks had her moaning and squirming as my dick filled every space available; her stockinged legs wrapped tightly around my back. Eventually, I took the condom off and I wanked off and came over her stockings and thighs as we kissed. We lay there and talked. My phone had been ringing endlessly and a friend and his girlfriend had wanted to meet me for New Year drinks, so she dropped me off at the bar. Later she admitted that she could have stayed the night as her husband is away. Moreover, I think, reading between the lines, that her marriage is likely under a bit of stress.

I’ll definitely see this little firework again. There is something a little bit wild and crazy about her. But she has the type of look I really like. 

Estonian Interludes

Before summarising my Christmas with my little 20 year old blonde Estonian, I’ll first reminisce on that July Sunday evening in Tallinn Old Town when we first met, as well as discuss the intervening period where conventional PUA wisdom would have said that this lead was dead.  

For those of you who read my earlier blog-post summarising my last Estonian trip, you will recall the SDL near-miss with a beautiful feline, leggy and elegant blonde. As we sat drinking wine together on Christmas Eve, we returned to how we first met. She told me how she had saw me sat on the seat people watching. She said that she knew I was going to talk to her. She said she thought to herself at the time, “He’s going to get up and say hello…now”. She laughed as she reflected on this memory, and she said she found it so amusing that this is exactly what happened. It was so insightful to hear this from the girl’s viewpoint. The things they pick up on, the minutiae, the fine detail. Despite not giving off overt IOI she admitted to slightly changing her pace and direction (I picked up on this at the time). In her mind she said she 100% knew I was going to talk to her and she enjoyed the certainty of this when I did approach.

Long-story short, I pushed for the SDL very hard with escalation in the park. My attempt failed and I walked her to meet her friend who had just finished work around midnight.

I pinged her the next day, but I didn’t hear from her again on that trip.

Over the coming months, in-between the odd sporadic Whatsapp and Instagram massage, she explained how my clumsy attempts to seduce her were very off-putting and the main reason our interaction stalled and we did not meet again that week. The weeks and months passed by. Low-interest messages were exchanged, some would say my value was being sapped. Despite this, when we spoke over Christmas, she admitted that she saw something in me and said that there were enough “quality attributes to me” that merited another chance. She simply said that this was down to me and how I would manage the interaction thereafter. I would ping her from time to time with little to no meat on the bones reply to warrant this being viewed as anything more than a dead lead. Time passed. More learned PUA than me as well as received PUA orthodoxy stated that:

This lead is dead delete after two attempts to re-engage.

From time to time she would throw me a bone which I would take, only to be met with more communication stalemate. The fish (me) was on the hook. Fast forward to late October and we initiated more conversation in earnest – on Halloween – to be exact. She asked me about my Instagram story (I was on my annual Halloween venture to Northumberland visiting castles and haunted battlegrounds). This began a new phase of comfort building that been annulled from my high-risk high-reward attempt on the park-lay that Sunday night in July. Over the next week, the conversation turned to meeting. Any by mid-November, it was agreed she would visit Newcastle for Christmas. The weeks passed, telephone conversations developed and we began to learn a lot more about each other. Nothing sexual. No requests for dirty pictures. Just value building and comfort. Despite this, I still felt some uncertainty that she would indeed come. Her Christmas was essentially free as both of her parents live abroad. But the day came and I received a picture of her boarding her plane so off I went to pick her up.

I arrived at Edinburgh at midnight and sent her the instructions to meet me outside of the airport. Walking towards me was a lithe, elegant blonde. I recognised her immediately. She was dressed in tight black leather effect trousers and a black three-quarter coat. We both smiled and hugged. I dropped her bag into my boot and began the 2+ hour drive back to my home. As we had already had multiple lengthy telephone conversations over the last month the car journey was relaxed and comfortable. We spoke about everyday things and reiterated our mutual surprise and excitement that we were now together for Christmas.

We arrived at my home for precisely 03:00 and we sat and relaxed. She wanted to repeat our first meeting that Sunday evening in Tallinn and drink red wine with me. So I opened a bottle wine (she jokingly criticised my choice of Morrisons Finest) and we talked and relaxed together for 2 hours. Eventually, we both couldn’t stay awake any longer and we made our way upstairs. I had no intention to initiate anything sexual. I wanted to wait until Christmas Eve. I climbed into bed and she joined me after visiting the bathroom. Under the warmth of the table light she slowly undressed to reveal her beautiful and athletic body. She undressed down to her tiny lace panties and climbed into bed next to me. I was immediately as hard as iron. Seconds later I was inside her and we fucked for 15 minutes slowly and passionately before we both collapsed and fell asleep. Six hours later I woke with her nestled into me, my arms enveloping her. Attempts for round 2 were rebuffed (she was far from a morning person). It wasn’t until she was awake, washed and had brushed her teeth that she joined me back in bed. Across the morning we lay there and talked and it all felt so fantastic and natural. Despite the age difference I felt like I could talk to this girl about anything.

We went for dinner that evening and she was dressed in a light lace dress, slightly bohemian, with black pantyhose and tight thigh boots. She looked incredible. After the meal, we stood at the bar and she was nestled into me, facing into me. Our bodies locked tight. My hands would periodically slip up the inside of the dress and caress her ass. Several couples left and each one of the females would cast us an envious glance. She had picked up on this and she loved the power. It was at this point that she mentioned how much she loved our male/female polarity. The contrast of my size to hers was an aphrodisiac to her. The combinations of her conversation, elegance and femininity was intoxicating to me. I could not keep my hands of her. All of this combined for a very good chemistry that we both were feeding off quite greedily.

We arrived home in perfect girlfriend/boyfriend mode. I made attempts to change out of my shirt and blazer but she said she wanted me dressed smart. We stood (not sat) in my front room for an hour drinking gin & tonics as if we were on a date in a bar. Touch, tension, smiles and conversation. We talked about everything. She surprisingly revealed that she was an Estonian “Nationalist” and that she would never speak Russian to people, and when Estonian people spoke Russian to her she would continue in Estonian. She listed Adolf Hitler and The Ottoman Empire as two of her fascinations in life. She ruminated on our blue eyes and how our children would be strong and pure. She was a sexual, compulsive, original and fascinating. Before long I had peeled her dress up over her black pantyhose and turned her around, ordering her onto the floor. We fucked for 30 minutes until my knees were bleeding and cuddled up on the sofa in our lounge pants and vests.

As we lay there on the sofa she allowed her imagination to flow:

Imagine this is our life…you coming from work…and me…the good wife at home…having cleaned and cooked…waiting on my knees to suck your dick when you walked through the door” There was no irony to this. She meant it.

We watched Christmas movies and fell asleep.

Christmas Day arrived and we cooked dinner together and made carrot cake. Listening to Christmas Songs and sharing gin & tonics slowly across the afternoon. We were immersed in each other. As we cooked I took her over my kitchen sink, she begged me to fill her with cum. Hours later, with candles lit and curled up on the sofa she looked at me with that knowing look of a horny girl, and walked up stairs. I sat there with an idea of exactly what was coming. She slowly appeared around the door in black stockings and heels, wearing the tiny little red Christmas dress that I had bought her. We fucked again in various positions on my sitting room floor, before she looked at me and said,

I need to taste your cum. Daddy…I want you to cum in my mouth

I duly obliged. She kneeled on the floor and she slowly wanked me into her mouth. She finished by licking her fingers and entered full housecat mode. Completely feminine and submitted. Comfortable and happy.

I took her for her train at 6am that Boxing Day morning. It had been a beautiful adventure.

We have spoken regularly since and she wants to return to England to see me in 2020. Of course I will see this girl again. I find her combination of beauty, style, femininity and class utterly beguiling. As we all know, these attributes occur very readily in Eastern and Central European girls, but are vanishingly rare in Western females. So from meeting this girl on that hot summer evening, through to seeing her next over Christmas represents to me yet another incredible chapter in my Daygame adventure. It is not without caveats, of course. Women like this are by definition the absolute goal of men the world over. And it would seem counter-intuitive to go through all of this legwork only to ‘let it go’ and not want to develop this more formally. But this is the key lesson from Game and the key lesson from Red Pill: Game teaches us the method and means to interface with women like these on our terms. Red Pill ensures that we understand the finite nature of the interaction. Beautiful women such as these (almost half my age) have a life ahead of them; they will meet many men and break hearts, and have their hearts broken. But I enter this, now, knowing firmly that this is a finite deal. She will move on, and I must move on – eventually. One of the best compliments she paid me was her very acknowledgment of this fact, when she said:

You are the type of man I will seek out. You have the features I need in a man. The way you are. And the man who gives me children will be you”.

Of course, she was speaking figuratively. But the message is clear. Women still seek and desire men with goals, masculinity and purpose in life. This is less common in places in the UK where the Welfare State has become a proxy for Fatherhood, but in other places there are women who are actively purposed towards the male-female dynamic.

Long may this continue.

Little Polish Pierogi

I’d been in Poland 5 days doing some game/nightgame and burning the candle. It was Saturday and it was my last full day. I had done around 40 sets across the week, had a few dates and developed a few decent leads. Had really enjoyed the trip and had learnt a lot. Nightgame had been fun, with some cute girls and nice people.

Friday had been a big night and I woke up (barely having slept) hungry, horny and hungover. I was motivated to push through on my last day. I left my wing in the apartment and took a walk to the river to enjoy a bit sight-seeing and generally get some air. It was about 1pm, overcast and chilly.

I was stood on the river-bank taking a few pictures and turned around to see a cute little brunette girl, with chocolate brown hair and huge hazel eyes. She was wearing a cream cashmere coat but it was the pink wellies that threw me. I jogged in front of her and simply smiled and pointed at her boots before looking back up with a “WTF are those” expression. She instantly laughed and smiled to reveal a gorgeous face which just lit up. I stacked on the pink boots and told her I thought she was very attractive. We entered into a nice 10 minute chat. She was a 23 year old student who was in the City for the weekend on a distance learning course. She had another class from 2-4pm and then another one from 6pm, after which she was driving back to her home town with a  friend. I took her number and pinged her immediately. Her responses were swift and keen. 

I continued to do some sets and landed the contact details of a cute Siberian (who I have had 3 dates with since) and was surprised to receive a meeting request from the brunette. She suggested meeting as her class had finished early. We met by the university and walked to a small bar and I made sure to find a corner where I sat next to her. I escalated very quickly. Within 30 minutes we were kissing and I was slowly building tension, rubbing her neck and whispering to her. We left the bar and I pushed her into a doorway and began to kiss her with more urgency. She responded with little whimpers as my hands crept under her coat around her leggings. Suddenly, the door opened and a student popped out as we exited the doorway laughing. I walked her to university. I was leaving next day at 4am. I wanted to meet her after class but she said she couldn’t as she was driving home. She said she was back tomorrow and could come to my apartment at 10am. Sadly I was back in England by then. The chance was gone for that trip. 
We kept in touch on Whatsapp where she confided she was in an unhappy relationship. She was back at Uni on the 28th Nov, so I booked a flight and arranged to see her (as well as some other girls from that trip). A bit worryingly, she went AWOL for a few days with very shaky replies, or reading and not replying for 24 hours despite never being off Whatsapp. I let that slide and messaged her the day before I arrived with, “I’m there tomorrow. I want to see you. Message me. If you do, great. If not, take care of yourself”. She hooked on this and her communication greatly improved. She was back in the boat. 

Fast forward to Saturday and she arranged to meet me at my apartment. Rather than take her straight in, we went to a cute little Bohemian tea place. She was freezing and ran her hands up my back, giggling as I squirmed. She looked gorgeous. Heels, leggings and her hair newly-cut with a fringe. We drank our tea and I led up immediately upstairs into my apartment. Within 2 minutes she was sucking me off. I picked her up and carried her into my room. Ordering her onto all fours as I spanked her and rubbed myself across her outer knickers. I placed a finger inside and she soaking. Completely ready. We fucked hard and sweaty for 30 minutes before I jumped on top of her and came in her mouth. She swallowed it all and we lay there hugging in silence for 20 minutes before going again. This time with anal (only the 3rd girl I have done this with). 

She wanted to stay with me that night but I was flying early again, and already had 2 dates lined up across the night. She got dressed and left for university which started at 4pm. It was a classically unique Daygame approach. A moment shaped into a rich experience. A girl wistfully and dreamily walking along the river; an approach where I smiled and pointed at her boots for 3 seconds before even saying anything, through to a near instant date and SDL, before a follow up trip. Young girl, looking for adventure and difference. And I was there to provide it. 

18-Hour Double-lay Report

This report summarises a 4-day period and in particular a 18-hour window that resulted in 2 Lays. It starts with a trip to Birmingham on Wednesday. I hate driving more than three hours and always take the train if going south of Leeds from Newcastle. I had been hoping to hammer a bit of Krauser’s DG Mastery but this never left the bag as I threw myself into work. I arrived back in Newcastle that evening around 8pm and decided to walk from Central Station to Haymarket to take the bus home. My intention was to squeeze a set or two in during the fifteen minute walk. This didn’t happen however. I had 30 minutes to wait for the bus so I decided to jump into a little Chinese fast-food place for a bit of dinner. As I was about to leave, a Chinese girl entered bang on 9pm and was told they had stopped serving. She was dressed in small heels, tight denim jeans and a black leather jacket. We both left the shop at the same time. I jumped into approach mode and jogged around to front stop her with my outstretched hand and a smile. 

She practically jumped out of her skin.

I smiled and reassured her it was nothing bad and cooled down the energy with good eye contact and said,

“I noticed you in the restaurant there and thought you looked nice. Like a bit of a fashionista biker girl. You looked cute. I had to say hello”

She smiled and her trepidation subsided and we engaged in two-way conversation for around ten minutes. She was a finance student in her last year. Chinese. Around 5″3 and a slim archetype. She was off to burn the midnight oil at the library. It was a nice set and a solid number close. She responded to my feeler text one hour later and Saturday was positioned for a date. 

The next day I continued with a new approach of using Instagram more aggressively as a lead gen compliment. I pinged a very natural looking little petite beauty with my opener. She responded with that typical angsty teenager bile that was both designed to scare me off but also illustrate her “moody me me me frame”. I didn’t bite and played her at her own game across Thursday and Friday; reversing ‘insults’ like “divvy” and “rajee” back at her. Come the evening the conversation had developed further and she had opened up about sexual partners and what turns her on. I managed to get her phone number with a little bit of last minute ego rejection, but I rang her and we spoke for 15 minutes. I was making an effort to be that light-hearted and funny and cheeky guy and she loved it. Making obvious plays on her double-barrell surname and purported Royal connections etc. It was now around 11:15pm on Friday night and I asked her outright:

“So this is shit. you should have invited me round to keep you company babysitting”

“Well you can come if you want, but you will have to be quiet”

I was up in a flash. Off to the service station for fuel and a can of sugar free Red Bull. She lived 18 miles away which was an approximate 30 minute drive through some country roads. I arrived at the flat and she opened the door. I was by a tiny, 5″2 size 4 utterly gorgeous little natural looking doll in a black nightgown/short jump-suit. It was super tight and she had an arse that was absolutely unreal. I followed her up the stairs and spanked her ass on the way up. She picked her phone up from the bed and asked me if I wanted to go downstairs. 

“We are staying here” I said with a smile.

I laid down on her bed and she joined me immediately curling up next to me. I immediately started kissing her and things just developed super quick. Five minutes later we were in 69 and I was doing all sorts to her. She has previously said she likes a dominant man (she was only 17) and I was amazed at what she liked for such a pure and frankly gorgeous young woman. We tried anal but I was too big (yes lads, this is not a bold claim) and I finished in her mouth. We lay there talking and she was a very mature and goal-driven girl. Way too young for a guy like me, but she was also probably way too-old for most lads her age (she has been seeing a 31 year old guy since June she met dog walking). I banged her again super dominant and she said she had never had anything done to her like I gave her that night (maybe she was just stroking my ego). 

I attempted to fall asleep but decided around 3am to leave for home. We are still in touch but she is back to her little distant and bratty vibe which is pretty much exactly how she was with the exception of the time she was in my arms, where was basically a little submissive lamb. This a key girl for me and I’d love to get her on regular rotation.

Exhausted after basically no meaningful sleep, I pinged the Chinese girl at 11am to confirm where I was to pick her up. She was all good for 2pm and I met her in Newcastle and took her immediately out of the city to the beach at Whitley Bay. This girl spoke great English and seemed super confident in herself. I started to enquire about past relationships and the men she has dated in a very indirect way, her 3 best likes in life etc. I was in one of those really cocky moods and felt she would respond well to evasiveness and refusing to give her what she wanted (her ex bfs were all very agreeable to her demands). 

I was walking along the seafront with my hand on her neck. I was displaying very confident traits and she was responding well. After around 30 minutes she was smiling and expressing a bit of frustration as to why I wouldn’t give her straight answers which I found hilarious and only fed her frustration. She asked me:

“So what is this about, what do you want”

I looked at her in her eyes and stated without a smile,

“I want you on my bed in lacy black underwear staring up at me as I undress”

I saw her eyes twinkle and she smiled and changed the subject. We stopped for a drink and I bought her a 1/2 cider and we talked. Grounding a bit more. She was getting cold so I hugged her tight and squeezed and she laughed and squealed. She was saying she was hungry and wanted to eat so I suggested I cook at my place. No objections. I walked her back along the sea front and down some steps and pushed her against the sea wall. She looked at me expectantly. I began to give her very dirty, wet kisses. Licking her lips and nuzzling her neck (I do this with all girls now and they seem to really love it). We walked to the car and arrived at my house. Within 5 minutes of being in the kitchen I had turned her around and placed her over a bench. She complied. I slowly pulled her jeans down and she was utterly soaking. 

“Go upstairs into my bedroom”. 

She insisted on a condom and I banged her twice across that afternoon. She loved doggy style but won’t do BJ or facials. She was sexually very conservative and submissive. Interestingly, after the first time we had sex she had one of those “what has just happened moments” when the reality of the process caught up with her. She seemed really guilty, disgusted with herself or at odds with her conflicting emotions. This was easily remedied with more comfort conversation and 15 minutes later she was super horny again and demanding I get another condom. She was a giddy, smiley horny girl once more.  It was a decent session all things considered especially after the late morning antics with the 17 year old. I cooked us dinner and she left at 7pm leaving me to reflect on a wild 18 hours over a couple of gin and tonics in the house. 

She text me yesterday with the following:

“just want to let you know that day was very good xx”

Certainly look to see this one again but the real attraction is for the hot 17 year old. That was an experience I’ll never forget. 

Italian Minx and Russian Jinx

It was a Saturday afternoon and my wing and I were more-or-less winding up after a few circuitous and unproductive routes around Newcastle. We had probably done five or so sets but nothing that was a fundamentally a good set (you know when you do). Coming up to The Gate I think we had both spotted a raven black haired girl dressed in black jeans and leather jacket, wearing fashion glasses.

“I’m going for that” I claimed, before he could beat me to it (this guy goes fast when he sees something he likes).

I made my way over the road with a hard velocity. She was stood finishing off a cigarette (a real hate of mine) and I opened her.

“Excuse me, I just wanted to say you look quite cute. You’re dressed like a midnight vampire and I had to say hello”

She locked into my eyes immediately and smiled and a conversation ensued which quickly became a 2-way comfort and investment phase. Oddly, she began to circle around me, and I noted that we both had danced a 270 degree transition before I placed my hands on her shoulders and stopped her, “we aren’t dancing yet”. She had just finished work as a waitress in an Italian restaurant. 28, cute and pretty. I took her number and pinged her immediately. The response was strong and she was a keen texter and seemed pretty invested. She thought at first it was a practical joke as she had been discussing with her friend in work about meeting men and how they both thought it would be cool to be approached on the street. She explained how she loved the approach as it was a mixture of shock and coincidence.

We arranged a date for the next day. She was working split-shifts and had a 3-hour window. I picked her up in Newcastle and said we were going for coffee on the coast. She looked pretty sexy in tight black heels and small heels. I took her to the Fish Quay and began to explain local historic land-marks and she was all ears. I stood behind her, pressed into her arse in a barely perceptible way. My left hand on her shoulder as my face was close to her face pointing toward the landmarks. This went on for five minutes or so. I turned her around and continued to talk inches from her face. She leaned in and we kissed. Deep and passionate. I patted her ass and we went for coffee in a new restaurant that had just opened and sat next to each other. She was very tactile and engaged and I started to think this could be on. After the coffee I ushered her outside and we got into the car and drove. She asked where we were going and I grinned at her and she immediately said we aren’t going to yours but I made some half-excuse anyway. There was no resistance to overcome and she happily came into mine and we started kissing on the sofa. It was at this point that a little LMR started with some firm “no’s” met with smiles and mock slaps from her. I changed my tone and we sat there talking before going again and placing her hand on bulge. This changed everything. She was on top of me in seconds and I picked her up and took her upstairs. She was tearing at my clothes and it led to immediate fast sex, including an unreal blow job. She drank my juice down greedily (twice) and even gave me a massage, before I took her back to work. She’s been back since and it was equally as good. She looks super cute with her ravishing deep black hair, black lace underwear and fit, womanly hips. She even paid for my lunch afterwards. She wants a proper date next time so I will have to bite this bullet, but she has clear instructions on what I expect her to wear.

 It may well have been a bit of a Yes girl but in terms of a “good set” it followed many of my recent “good sets” that ended in number close, before failure to even get a date (quite a few recent girls I # closed but they evidently got the guilt trip next day). As it happens, this girl lives with her (apparent) ex bf. I’m not going to ask her to the nth degree about the dynamic as its simply not my business but it does perhaps show how blurred many of these relationship lines and transitions are. The only thing separate the distance or boldness of the line, is time.

As I come up to my 150th set all in all I feel really good. I feel confident in the approach and confident enough to make sure the girl KNOWS I’m a sexual threat. I always try to make this clear in set. Combining posture, seriousness of intent with a bit of playing about. But they know what I’m about. It’s a hardball approach and firmly binary with no grey areas, but I feel more comfortable this way. I don’t want ambiguous elements either in my approach, or in the girls mind.

This lay came some 4 days before a set with a cute Russian in Newcastle which was similar in the dynamic but very disimilar in outcome, with the Russian girl having gone from date acceptance, to blocking, to full on admission she was turned on by what I did and knew 100% I was there to seduce her. She too has a boyfriend but it would appear to be a very strong lead for my Russia trip next year. 

All I all I loved these  2 sets as they instilled in my mind the hinge points of what to look out for and equally importantly, the chaotic nature in which women navigate their own minds and emotions.