Latvian Lay

Report #4

It all started back in March. I had been in Tallinn for 4 days and had blanked. The closest I had come was a LMR with a cute Turk who I was practically banging in the bar, but owing to my terrible logistics (no music, protection, wine etc) it flaked on my bed. As she left my apartment she turned to me and smiled, before saying “thank you for not raping me”.

It was a harsh lesson learned. Next day, at the airport, hungover and horny, staring at the departure board, I noticed out of the corner of my eye the blonde flash of an ice-white blonde ponytail, coupled with her tight leather trousers and yellow jacket. “Fuck me” I thought to myself. Probably 25. Cute, athletic, a bit MILFy. I debated opening, and decided against it. She was in an obvious rush for a flight.

I arrived in Edinburgh and left the airport to find my shuttle bus stand that would take me back to the train station. I scanned the stands and who do I see but Little Miss Ice White. I instantly went over to her and opened indirect,

You look a lot less panicked and stressed than you were in Tallinn, I see you made your flight!

She looked at me emotionless for at least two seconds (she later admitted that she was about to turn away and ignore me, but she liked my eyes and this was the only reason she decided to respond). We entered into small talk. She is a beauty consultant with her own business in Glasgow. Latvian. We chatted for easy ten minutes until her bus pulled up and I asked for her Instagram. She said she didn’t have it but offered Facebook, instead.

Over the next 4 weeks we exchanged messages and eventually numbers. Conversations were never sexual. I tried some subtle movements into this territory but she shot them down. What was clear was that we were getting to know one another. She had divorced two years ago and had not dated since, despite a lot of attention from men (she has the body of a 20 year old and is very pretty).

We spoke about meeting up and doing something together. Coffee dates were small-change and she decided on wanting to tick-off a Bucket List destination – The English Lake District. So we agreed on a two-day break in May when the weather improved. The conversation by this point had developed into more risqué territory (e.g. stockings talk, vibrators etc – she even jokingly asked “do I need to bring mine this weekend”). But this was no Gimme, as I was to discover.

I arrived on the Friday afternoon after having attended a couple of business meetings earlier in the day. She invited me into her room and made me coffee. I had by this point not still not booked my hotel room. At her prompting, she gave me the hotel number and I managed to get the remaining room in the hotel. She wasn’t making this easy, I thought to myself. And unlike in the porn movies, the, “well you may as well just stay in my room” comment never came.

We met for food and talked and she was making it clear this wasn’t a date. She viewed it as two people who had just met. I didn’t press her on this. We continued to get to know each other more and went for a walk up to a viewing point. She looked incredible in her gym leggings. Long legs and nice arse. We went back to the hotel where she had promised to “wax my back” and had actually brought all her equipment with her. She was inspecting the things in my room and shit-tested me saying my cologne was terrible and that, “you need to train legs more”. She inspected my back and said I had a lot less hair than most men. I asked to feel hers and she was instantly cold and uncomfortable. She made it clear I had overstepped. I ignored this and didn’t take offence, or huff. I simply accepted it and moved the conversation on. She started the process and we talked a lot more. She did my back and underarms. As I stood up she was looking at my shoulders and her pupils dilated,

“How are your shoulders so good”, she asked twice.

I ignored her. We joked about her waxing my cock. She said she never did men. But then she asked to see and peeled down my tracksuit bottoms to the top of my cock. She was really considering it and did a sample patch. But then she said she was uncomfortable trying it, not because she was embarrassed to see my cock, but from a technical point of view. She said she felt unqualified to do it. We began massaging each other’s feet and spoke for an hour. Totally relaxed now. She was opening up to me more and more. After some time had passed I said lets watch a movie. She agreed, and I told her to come lie next to me. She cuddled in and I inserted my leg in between both of her legs at her upper thighs. She was now stroking my chest. My hands were massaging her thighs and outer arse and she started making those little female gasps. I escalated and kissed her neck and she started moaning. Pushing her pussy onto my thigh. We kissed and she was on fire. And then the bombshell,

I’ve just came on my period today”.

I smiled and told her I didn’t care, told her I had a black towel in my hotel room.

This is crazy” she kept saying.

I came back with the towel and she had showered into a tiny black nightie. We were fucking within ten minutes and she hadn’t bled a bit other than a couple of tiny drops). She took my cock into her mouth and I face fucked her. As I was about to cum, she pulled my cock out and wanted to bring me back down, orgasm denial and bring me back again, but it was too late. A spurt of cum hit her lips and she was straight back onto my cock, sucking and swallowing every pulse.

We fucked across the weekend, in between boat rides, hill walks and afternoon snoozes. Not only did I fuck the tampon into her so deep next morning (don’t ask) which led to me trying to pull it out as she was on all 4s (cock straight back in) but I also took a shit in her toilet that afternoon which blocked the cistern and flooded the bathroom. Two moments I never anticipated (the latter so fucking embarrassing).

I stayed with her on Saturday night and we spoke all Sunday morning by the Lakeside before dropping her for her train at 2pm. It was an incredible weekend with a genuinely lovely, savvy, and interesting woman who is motivated and driven (she runs two businesses). She hadn’t fucked since her divorce over 30 months ago and I will see her again. I haven’t banged a woman over 30 in years but this one made an impression on me in a big way.


Lay Report #3

Russian 10

It was the superb arse I noticed at first. A 5″3 blonde that was blessed with a clear love of the gym and a super genetic profile. I wheeled back and followed her into the restroom area of the mall (not what it sounds like!).

Excuse me“, I confidently stated. Two women stopped and turned around, but she wasnt one of them. I tried once more and she stopped. Poker faced.

Hi…do you speak a little English“? I gestured, mimicking a small thing with my fingers.

No. No English“, she answered in Russian.

I immediately smiled and entered the set, paying no heed to the language obstacle. As it happened she spoke a little. We spoke for no more than two minutes and I asked her to meet me for a coffee tomorrow. She declined, citing language difficulties.

Google translate!” I waved my phone. She smiled and accepted, offering me her WhatsApp.

I messaged her later and the signs were good, sending me a cute picture of her in leggings. The date was agreed for 8:30pm next day. Fast forward. She didn’t respond to my message, despite having read it. The date didn’t go ahead. I messaged her next day saying she was a bad girl and had lost the kisses she had accrued. Her reason was again language difficulties. We suggested meeting again but she was 50/50 that night but agreed in principle. I waited 2 hours then sent her a text to cancel,

Sorry, I’ve made other plans“. As it turned out, I clubgamed The Georgian (see lay report below) after two back to back dates with a Russian and an Estonian earlier that evening, #busyman.

So next day we started the conversation and she threw several strong shit tests at me, before we agreed for a date at 8 30pm. It was on this time for sure.

First pub, we sat and chatted and the vibe was great fun. A mixture of Google translate and silly jokes with facial expressions and gesturing. We bounced to another venue and I took her to the quietest corner. She initiated kino, sitting on my knee and the mood was sexual. For the next 3 hours we drank and kissed and spoke. We took pictures and made it a memorable night. Around 3am I led her to a taxi and back to mine with strong assumption, she offered no resistance. It was a nice finish to the night, holding her as we looked out over the city listening to music. We collapsed into bed, drunk and exhausted. She undressed and wore my vest.

We awoke at 7am. I was spooning her hard. I was still a bit pissed and was surprised I had this red hot blonde in my bed. At first I couldn’t place things and then I recalled it all. My hands went straight to her g-string and I pulled it down. My cock had had a load of action over the last 3 days and I was worn out but I wasnt missing out on this. I slid straight in and we fucked on her side, before I bent her over and finished all over her arse. We stayed in bed another 2 hours and she left.

We’ve been speaking non stop and shes a really cool, fun and beautiful girl. Shes booked a flight to visit me for 4 days in May…..

Lay Report #2

Georgian Club Game

Had been out with a Russian from my last trip but she wasn’t putting out so I decided to mooch around the Old Town. There were lost of people out and I got talking to some guy from Finland and we then hooked into a trip-set of Russian girls who were keen to drink with us. One of them was a little drama/attention queen, but I wasn’t massively into her. We got to Club Hollywood and they decided to bail but me and the Finnish went in anyway. It was full of potential. Ordered a drink and stood by the balcony next to an Italian looking brunette in a tight skirt. I passively nodded and said,

“That’s a nice skirt – think it will fit me?”

She smiled and the conversation started free-flow. Turns out she was with her two gay Estonian mates. We talked about all sorts and she was a fun, demure and smiley girl. Thirty minutes or so later I took her to the bar for a drink, and then bumped to some comfortable chairs. By this point we were being quite tactile but I held of any sort of kissing (lots of hand on thigh and comparing hands as per standard). Another thirty minutes passed and it was a case of making the home-move. I don’t recall the exact dynamic but it was directed intent,

“OK let’s go, we can have some wine at my place” (I think – a bit pissed and tired at this point).

She said bye to her friends and we arrived at mine and put some music on and things escalated really fast. The sex was really good – she was an incredibly sexual girl and I loved listening to her stories about men, her lusts and impulses. Turns out she is seeing an Estonian but the ‘chemistry’ is lacking, and she banged (once) an engaged British guy in her place of work who is now besotted with her. We must have banged four times (which, as we will see, I came to regret the next night with my hot Russian date) throughout the night making her cum each time. It was filthy, sweaty, dirty sex. A classic 1-night action that was a merge of mind and body. Have kept in touch on Instagram and I will look her up next time I’m over there.

Lay Report #1 Fin in pantyhose

So there I was in my favourite department store complex. It was around noon and I’d opened a couple of girls. I was feeling good and receiving a few IOI and had some nice results the previous day. One girl stood out as she was dressed in heels, pantyhose and a tight skirt. I instantly moved up beside her with the standard open,

excuse me, do you speak a little English?”,

and was met with a smile and a “yes, I do”.

Well I just wanted to say, I thought you looked quite nice...”

She extended her hand and introduced herself. The conversation was free flowing, with my suggestive comments regarding how attractively she was dressed. It turned out she was from Helsinki and killing time before her 17:30 flight. She had been over for the weekend visiting an Estonian pilot for a sexy weekend. I smelt instant date and she agreed to a coffee. We spoke and I dropped in silence with deep eye contact. 10 minutes into the coffee I said,

let’s go for some wine, I know a place“. We left the apartment store and began the assumptive close, walking and talking as I took her to my apartment.

Here we are“, as I pointed up to my apartment and smiled.

“Oh, we’re going in there?” To which I simply said we are, we can sit in the sun and share some wine.

Music on and wine poured. Both of us sat on the sofa, I began to escalate with a reach in kiss, before she said,

we should cool down

I let it slide and continued the conversation, telling her some travel stories and sharing laughs. I then went back in for a move, placing my fingers on the edge of her tight black skirt and saying, “the way you dress really turns me on” as I began to slowly peel her skirt up to her upper thighs. No resistance. I then pushed and backed off. It was incredible to her flushed face. At this point I knew it was on. I took a sip of wine and looked her in the eye as I placed my hand on her inner thigh and moved it to her panties,

you feel hot, are you turned on?”

And it was go. She turned around for me and I peeled the skirt up slowly to reveal a top notch arse. We fucked for 3 hours. Made videos. She wants to see me in Finland. The sex was incredible. She loved being spanked and fucked hard. We fucked 3 times and each time she swallowed. She was a 7.5 with a lovely feminine vibe. One extremely horny 26 year old. She took a picture of my apartment as her plane wheeled over to Finland. I took a picture as she crossed the sun and we both sent them to each other.

What an afternoon for my first Daygame lay .

Sunday sets

Did a quick hour in Newcastle prior to my 22 yr old tinder date coming to mine in her stockings. Opened two girls. The first a small Chinese Singaporean doing biomed. It was a good opening but no real hook point. Quite shy but I closed the number and she replied quickly after. Second approach was a thin Asian (probably Pakistani) who I only opened as she was thin and breakable. Did a decent open and stack but she did not invest, “okay thanks” and she walked off. One of these things.

Newcastle 1 set

After a strong IOI from a girl I didn’t open, I began the day optimistic, by opening a girl, who sadly turned out being the only set of the day. It failed.

1. Out with a wing in Newcastle but very few targets.

2. Saw one girl heading to bus station so I tracked her and opened.

3. “Excuse me, this is going to sound a bit random but I saw you over there and wanted to tell you I think you looked quite nice”.

4. Totally neutral expression and no smile, embarrassment or thanks.

5. I then stacked by saying “I couldn’t tell where you were from…. I thought Papaeu New Guinea (obv a piss take) or Japan?”.

6. She replied “No, I’m English”.

7. “So what you do here?”.

8. “I’m a student studying sociology”.

9. I replied something about sociology being a poor man’s science or something and was met with a, “Right my bus is here” (and she left).

Maybe it was just a shit set with a girl who was waiting on an bus, or maybe I failed the shit tests seeing how she was assessing me break down her bitch frame. Either way.

The high and the low

Quick update on those two closes from Sunday night. What felt like two really nice sets have ended in failure. The first number didn’t send (she did say she hoped she’d given me the right number – stupid me for not testing it in set) and the second didn’t respond to Insta DM. Both had bf so I cant expect to think success will emerge cheaply from a small set sample. Shame as the girls were a hard 8 and straight 10. Opened another geordie local (a 5, bad skin and slightly overweight), and, true to my assumption, she basically looked at me like shit on her shoe. Your average “local” lacks emotional intelligence to see past their inflated value tinder has given these council house dwelling, welfare single mothers. A nice learning curve all the same.